New large Ultra Efficient Multi-Level Electrolysis Chambers

New Larger 7 Titanium/Platinum Plates

IQ GUARD Water lonizers with Solid and Mesh plate delivers an electrical current to the water through an array of positively and negatively charged Platinum coated Titanium plates.The more the water passes in and out of the Titanium Mesh system and the greater the electrical charge to the water (especially when powered by the newer SMPS power systems) – the higher the pH (potential of Hydrogen) and the ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) of the drinking water.

A Solid & Mesh plate uses the same principle as the slotted plate, but improves upon it by providing cross-channeling to more evenly direct electron flow. The applied current more evenly saturates the plate, increasing the effective delivery of electrical current to create better alteration in your water. IQ GUARD plate technology is just like the best irrigation systems

High Performance Smart & Large Surface Area Electrode 

IQ GUARD Water lonizers have larger 7 platinum titanium electrodes. With its 7 Mesh & Solid large platinum titanium plates, it is up for the job at task producing the highest -ORP for prolongs amounts of use making it the best residential water ionizer out there.

Internal Durability Test Conducted(ELECTRODES)

According to the analysis of the test results:
The tests were performed according to standard test methodology.

After each test was taken according to the different flow rates and comparing the analysis to a range of standards, even when not using the standard amounts, water cell life was ten years

  • TEST conditions: H2SO4 0.5mol / | on the electrolyte solution 40 ‘C, 2A/d cm is current, 240hr electrolysis
  • TEST Quantity: 3 varieties [Heat 1, Heat 2 times, Brazing products]
  • TEST Date: 1/10 08:00
  • TEST End Date: 20.01 08:00
  • TEST progress results: 240hr after all

Electrolytic Performance Water Cell Electrodes Performance Test Ressults

Electrolytic Performance Water Cell Electrodes Performance Test Ressults

Plates Sand Blasting Technology 


Automatic Blast Guns & Traverse Moving System

In order to improve the performance of the Anode Oxide Coating between the metal and the substrate is closely a very important factor.Therefore, the Anode Oxide Coating system, it must be strictly the substrate pretreatment, such as degreasing, sand blasting and etching, etc.

Roughened titanium substrate including blasting and etching in two steps, wherein spray Sand is caused by Macro rough.Generally, considered: Blasting can remove the surface oxide film of titanium, exposing fresh Surfaces; Sand rough will make the surface of the compressive stress in the state is conducive surface coating and the substrate binding.

Spot Welding Technology

Spot Welding 

In resistance spot welding, two or more sheets of metal are held between electrodes through which welding current is supplied for a defined time while force is exerted on the work pieces. The principle is illustrated in the figure on the left below.

The welding cycle starts with the upper electrode moving and contacting the work pieces resting on lower electrode which is stationary. The work pieces are held under pressure and only then heavy current is passed between the electrodes for a preset time. The area of contact between metals is raised to welding temperature due to the flow of current through the contact surfaces of the work pieces.
Pressure between the two electrodes squeezes the hot metal together thus completing the weld.

The weld nugget formed is allowed to cool under pressure and then pressure is released.

This total cycle is known as resistance spot welding cycle and is illustrated in the figure on the right below.


Plate Production Process (1/2)

Plate Production Process (2/2)

Platinum Plating Measuring Technology

Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis is a method for measuring the thickness of coatings and for analyzing materials.It can be used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the elemental composition of a material sample as well as for measuring coatings and coating systems. The analysis uses methods that are well established in both laboratory and industrial environments and can be readily applied using modern equipment.

Platinum plating measuring equipment offers some outstanding advantages.
It covers virtually all technically relevant elements and works non-destructively and with no contact with the sample.Measuring times range in the seconds and takes rarely longer than one minute to complete. Measurements can be completed quickly and usually without extensive sample preparation.With our measuring equipment, it is possible to measure both thickness and chemical composition of homogeneous materials and coatings.Even traces of harmful substances can be detected in a very wide range of samples.

Purity of Platinum 99.99%

Platinum has great value.Platinum is among the finest, purest and rarest precious metals on earth.

This type of electrode is ideal for the production of chlorine because its long life, high efficiency and stability :at low voltages allows it to reduce running costs. “os Dimensionally stable Titanium anode are the state of art as anodes for a wide range of electrochemical applications. . The excellent stability of titanium against surface and pitting corrosion make it dimensionally stable * permitting dramatic innovations in equipment design, operation conditions and energy consumptions of many electrolysis processes.

The application of coatings containing mixed metal oxides (MMO) such as RuO2, IrO2, TiO2 and Ta205 allows it to reduce remarkably the over potential for anodic chlorine and anodic oxygen evolution. Additionally the excellent stability of the MMO coated titanium anode consequently do not contaminate the electrolysis system, improving the products purity and maintenance costs.DSE (anodes) are generally used to produce chlorine in saline solution.

Safety Platinum Titanium

lon Exchange Membrane

First, PTFE offers excellent chemical resistance.POREFLON is chemically stable and does not degrade when exposed to virrtually all chemicals.second, POREFLON is extremely tough and thus has along service life.Third, POREFLON is highly permeable to water thanks to its high porosity.

Safety lon Exchange Membrane

Safety Plastic Materials